Getting around the Gaslamp District

One of the main modes of transportation when traveling in or around the Gaslamp District in San Diego is by car. With plenty of garages and metered parking, residents and travelers alike will find it easy to park when in the Gaslamp District. Beware of the time limits on street parking, including metered parking as the rules are strictly enforced. Other than parking, the Gaslamp District and surrounding areas do not experience much in the way of traffic so traveling in, out, and through the area should be relatively easy. Moreover, a car, whether rented or one’s own, will allow travelers to see other nearby sights such as Coronado Island, Old Town, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, and more. 

If travelers are only leaving the Gaslamp District to go to places like Old Town, or out east, or even down to San Ysidro for shopping, the San Diego Trolley is available. The trolley is limited to the downtown area, including the Gaslamp District, but it does reach up to Old Town going north, out to Santee going east, and down to the border between the U.S. and Mexico going south. The Trolley is a fantastic way to get an old style feel of the downtown area as well as see some of the scenic sides of San Diego. 

The San Diego bus system is another option that has a farther reach than the trolley does. If travelers do not intend on renting a car, the bus is a great way to get to cities further out from the Gaslamp District. Similarly, if travelers want go further out in the downtown area, a bus a viable option. 

For those staying within the bounds of the downtown area, they may find that bicycles are the best way to get around. San Diego is a bike-friendly city that has numerous bike lanes throughout the area, including Gaslamp and surrounding areas. This is how many native San Diegans get around and therefore a great way to get a local feel of the city. Bikes can be ridden down to the harbor for fantastic views, up to Hillcrest and other areas easily. 

Walking is perhaps the best way to experience the Gaslamp District. Many residents choose this mode of transportation because it is good for the environment. Also, many of the things to see and do, like Balboa Park, are within walking distance.